What would be the administrative academic affiliation of the recruited fellows

Fellows starting in the next 9 months (until early 2018) will be affiliated with INSERM U1001, We are in the process of forming a new structure, UMS, which will be related be a partnership between INSERM, and University Paris Descartes.

Can you provide housing arrangements

Few individual studios may be available for fellows under 30 years old. However, we can make some recommendations and facilitate your search.

Do you have (insert your favorite science toy) available

Generally, we have:
On the Biology side: a fully equipped microbiology, and molecular biology lab, with FACS, liquid-handling TECAN robot, multiple fluorescence microscopes, and microfluidics setup for bacterial cultures.
On MakerSpace side: several 3D printers, laser cutters, basic mechanical tools.

The full list would be too long (and also constantly growing/changing), so it would be best to just send us an email and ask for any specifics! We strongly encourage collaborations with local Paris labs who may have the equipment you need. Also, you can certainly use your research money to purchase any additional equipment and we may be able to contribute if the equipment would be generally useful for multiple projects at CRI Research.

How many people are already working at CRI Research

Our community is extremely dynamic. At present, we have 20 PhD students, postdocs and associated researchers, some residing at CRI and some spending only part of their time here. The goal is for this number to gradually grow to about 50 people by 2019.

Is there a list of CRI-related researchers who are potential collaborators

There are several resources you could use to find this information. The first one is the overall CRI Team page. We are also putting together a list of labs that we already have a relationship with and who are specifically interested in collaborating with the future fellows. You can find that list here.

What can I use the research budget for (applies to Long-term and Core Fellows)

You may use your research budget for: lab or other research consumables and services, publication cost, conference travel, small equipment. You can pay for off-site services (e.g. sequencing, cluster use), but not for off-site stipends or outstanding expenses (e.g. PhD student working entirely elsewhere, buying equipment for a collaborating institution). This list is not comprehensive, and specific allocations will be considered on case-by-case basis.

Fellows could decide to use it for additional personnel (interns, PhD students, post-dosc, or technicians), but this is not the primary purpose since: (1) it would potentially consume the majority of your funds, and (2) there are other funds specifically earmarked for these purposes. Namely, each Long-term and Core Fellow may receive funds for up to 1 post-doc, 2 PhD students and 2 interns (3-month Master or Undergraduate student internships). The PhD Students should be recruited via the FDV Doctoral program.

Are there any teaching obligations

No. However, we expect you will be actively involved in mentoring students at all levels. We also encourage you to do occasional teaching in undergraduate, master or PhD courses, and generally be involved in CRI’s education and outreach activities.

Who can I contact for more info

You can write to us at contact.research@cri-paris.org.