Open Health Research Call

Open health – from data-rich research to development of frugal software and hardware solutions

Ensuring that scientific data, methods, and opportunities for collaboration are open to all has a sweeping effect across scientific disciplines, removing barriers to conducting high quality, rigorous, and impactful scientific research. There is a particular urgency in embracing the open principles in health sciences and medical research, where communities of researchers, health workers, patients, their families and the general public all share a common goal of rapidly advancing our capacity to improve human health.

We seek fellows that will develop, apply, validate and entrepreneur technologies to assess, track, predict, manage, improve health and contribute to understanding of disease. Contexts may vary across age, health condition or disease (rare or common) but priority would be given to projects directly addressing health targets within United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 3) as reducing infant, maternal, substance-related morbidity, fight neglected, rare communicable or non-communicable diseases.  We wish to host research into personalized medicine, relying on open data to identify bio-, environmental-, social markers of disease or to improve quality of life of chronic patients. The wealth of omics data and health parameters collected via personal devices urges research into ethics and policy but also invites data science approaches that can analyze and benefit from it though AI and machine learning. Frugal hardware and software solutions that can be applied at scale and in low-resource settings are of particular interest. We also embrace Open Pharma projects. We look for empirical, community-driven health initiatives through development of mobile and web-based citizen science platforms and strongly believe that collective intelligence should be integrated throughout the scientific process, to form and test hypothesis and not only collect and number-crunch data. We also welcome research on traditional and holistic approaches to healthcare and their integration into modern health treatments. A non-exhaustive list of projects that inspire us can be found here.

We pursue candidates who embrace open science and are able to harness the power of participative research to successfully catalyze, execute, and scale their projects. Potential candidates could be inspired and guided by the 10 tenets of Open Science established in the recent CRI advanced workshop.