CRI Research Associated Labs


These are some of the labs already familiar with CRI Research goals and ethos that are expressly interested in collaborating with the future Fellows.

The list is dynamic and will continue growing over the coming months.

Daniel Aberdam
INSERM U976, Skin Stem Dev
keywords: Skin physiopathology; p63; Pax6; stem cells; crispr/cas9; drug screening 

Marc Baaden
CNRS UPR 9080, Laboratory of Theoretical Biochemistry
keywords: molecular simulations, virtual reality, membrane proteins, scientific visualization, serious games, UnityMol

Geoff Baldwin
Imperial College London, Baldwin lab
keywords: Synthetic Biology, DNA Assembly, Directed evolution, Biosynthetic pathways, Gene circuits

Sam Brown
Georgia Institute of Technology, Brown lab
keywords: evolution, infectious disease, resistance, virulence, cooperation

Romain Brette
INSERM/UPMC/CNRS Institut de la Vision, Computational neuroscience of sensory systems
keywords: theoretical neuroscience; excitability; autonomy; spatial cognition

Rumi Chunara
New York University, Chunaralab
keywords: public health, crowdsourcing, disease modeling, machine learning, spatio-temporal

Pierre Dillenbourg
keywords: Learning Technologies, Learning Analytics, MOOCs, EdTech Incubator, Eye Tracking

Francesca Di Nunzio
Institut Pasteur, Molecular Virology
keywords: HiV, NPC, Chromatin, Nups

Darragh Duffy
Institut Pasteur, Immunobiology of Dendritic Cells/Biomarkers in Health and Disease
keywords: Immune Responses, Biomarkers, Systems biology, Health, Disease

Drew Endy
Stanford Bioengineering, Endy Lab
keywords: Synthetic biology; citizenship & democracy; all people with the planet; BioBricks Foundation

Doyne Farmer
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Oxford, Complexity Economics Group, Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School
keywords: complexity economics, systemic risk, technological progress, ABM, housing markets, evolutionary game theory

Muller François
Ministère de l’éducation nationale, DGESCO, DRDIE (Recherche/Développement Innovation)
keywords: Innovation, professional development, school leadership, team building, training, analysis

Amber Griffiths
FoAM, FoAM Kernow
keywords: transdisciplinary, citizen science, appropriate technology, open source, decentralised

Boris Gutkin
Ecole Normale Superieure, Group for Neural Theory, LNC INSERM U960
keywords: computational neuroscience, computational psychiatry, dynamical systems, neural networks, addiction.

Muki Haklay
University College London (UCL), Extreme Citizen Science group
keywords: Citizen Science, Participatory Mapping, Environmental Information, Science and Technology Studies, Human-Computer Interaction

Carsten Janke
Institut Curie, Regulation of microtubule dynamics and functions
keywords: tubulin code, microtubule cytoskeleton, posttranslational modifications, systems approach, drawing in life science
Arno Klein
Child Mind Institute, MATTER Lab
wearable devices, apps, voice, mental health, brain

Stefan Klauser
ETH Zurich, Computational Social Science
keywords: digitaldemocracy, distributed networks, blockchain, IoT, circular and sharing economy 

Lillian Koh
Nanyang Technological University, Center for Financial Literacy
technology-rich learning environment, mobile apps, active learning, financial literacy, fintech
Amos Korman
keywords: algorithmic biology, collective behavior, computation under noise, distributed computing, ants
Vishwesh Kulkarni
University of Warwick, Biolab
Synthetic biology, systems biology, soft programmable material, control theory, machine learning

Shelly Levy-Tzedek
Ben Gurion University, Cognition, Aging and Rehabilitation Lab
keywords: Robotics, aging, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, motor control

Iryna Nikolayeva
education, learning analytics, adaptive, compassion, AI
Ogechi Obiorah
Lagos Business School, Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics (CKCRLE)
keywords: Innovative, Collaborative, Leadership, Ethics, Africa

Leila Perié
CNRS, Institut Curie, quantitative immuno-hematology
keywords: single cell, stem cells, cell fate, lineage tracing, immunology

Antonio Rausell
Institut Imagine, Clinical Bioinformatics Lab
keywords: Genetic variant analysis, single-cell-transcriptomics, rare immune diseases, functional genomics, artificial intelligence

Maatoug Redwan
Institut du cerveau et de la Moelle, ICRIN new therapeutics in psychiatry
keywords: Psychiatric disorders, machine learning, neuroimaging data, deep brain stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation

Olivia Du Roure
PMMH/ESPCI/CNRS UMR7636, Cell Biophysics
keywords: cytoskeleton mechanics, cell mechanics, experimental biophysics, microfluidic, microfabrication

Jérôme Sackur
EHESS, Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique
keywords: Consciousness, Mind-wandering, Hypnosis, Stream of consciousness, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Stuti Saxena
Central University of Haryana, Open Government Data (OGD) Warriors
keywords: Open Government Data; Open Data; E-government; Citizen-government interaction; Administrative innovations

Ivo Sbalzarini
TU Dresden & MPI-CBG, Center for Systems Biology Dresden, MOSAIC Group
keywords: Spatiotemporal modeling, Computer simulation, high-performance computing, particle methods, image analysis

Nathalie Spassky
Institut Biologie Ecole Normale Superieure, INSERM, Cilia biology and neurogenesis
keywords: cilia, neurogenesis, ependyma, neural stem cell

Bruno Strasser
University of Geneva, Public Participation in Science
keywords: History of science; STS; Public Participation; Citizen Science; Big Data

Valerie Taly
CNRS, INSERM, University Paris Descartes, UMRS1147/ translational Research and Microfluidics
keywords: Translation research, Microfluidics, Cancer, Biomarker, Personalized medicine

Michel Thiebaut de Schotten
CNRS UMR 7225, BCBlab
keywords: Opendata, OpenScience, Brain, Connections, Deciphering

Jean-Francois Toussaint
Université Paris Descartes, IRMES
keywords: Sport, Health, Performance, Epidemiology, Human Limits

Gilles Truan
Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Sysèmes Biologiques et des Procédés, Ingénierie Moléculaire et Métabolique
keywords: Synthetic Biology, metabolic engineering, protein engineering, protein dynamics, spatial confinement

Hedderik van Rijn
University of Groningen, The Netherlands, Adaptive Learning / Rugged Learning
keywords: adaptive-fact-learning, computational-modeling, interval-timing, real-world application-of-science, optimizing-education

Tim Wai
Institut Necker Enfants Malades, Mitochondrial Dynamics and Metabolism in health and disease
keywords: Mitochondria, metabolism, cell biology, genetics, genetic diseases