long term fellows

Long-term fellows call now closed

Next call will be announced in the first quater of 2021


We welcome scientists seeking a home to expand their research focus or jump start a new research program within the premise of CRI research priorities. Candidates will be considered independent of their current position. We welcome scientists with permanent (tenured) position in France keeping their affiliation to their current institution. Other researchers (e.g. international, post-docs, etc.) are welcome to apply, and will receive a salary in addition to research and personal funding.


Develop a bold, interdisciplinary, collaborative research project and/or pilot methodologies. Participate in mentoring, teaching, collaborative CRI activities.

Application stages

1. Online Pre-proposal (due January 29th, 2020 23:00 CET)

  • Online form questionnaire (includes general info, project abstract, nominations for reference letters, and other questions)
  • 4-page project description (download template here)
  • 2-page CV, highlighting top 3-5 publications
  • Full publication record

The abstract, questionnaire and electively the project proposal, will be shared within the CRI community for comments and suggestions aimed at further enhancing the project. All documents are uploaded via the online form and must be in English.

2. Feedback period ends (February 12th, 2020 23:00 CET)

3. Final proposal (February 17th, 2020, 23:00 CET) amending initial submission based on the feedback received

4. Pre-selection Criteria: (i) past research achievements (ii) scientific quality of project (iii) overlap with CRI strategy and fellow call, (iv) fit with the CRI environment. Response to candidates will be shared by February 27th.

5. Final selection 9th-10th March 2020 preselected candidates will be invited to Paris for seminars and interviews with the international Scientific Advisory Board that will make the final recommendation (obligatory presence in Paris on March 9th-10th 2020).

Funding and Resources

Research funding package includes: salary (corresponding to past research experience), small equipment and consumables (up to 60,000€/year, depending on fellow’s budgetary needs), and support in financing a project team of postdocs, PhD students, and short-term interns (up to 1.5 person/year). The fellows will benefit from CRI Research lab facilities and expertise.

Notes: (i) Fellows are expected to apply for at least 1 year stay, which can be renewed upon SAB approval for up to 3 years. (ii) Candidates with independent funding, including grants, sabbatical allowances, and temporary detachment from permanent positions in France are welcomed. Candidates permanently affiliated with French universities or national research organizations (e.g., INSERM, CNRS, INRA, INRIA) should contact us at contact.research@cri-paris.org to discuss possible modalities. Applications from candidates without such a position are equally welcome.