In focus: new publications by Félix Schoeller, CRI Research Fellow

Over the past few months, Félix Schoeller, one of our Research Fellows, has been quite busy. 

He has published several different articles in scientific journals, as well as in popular press, relating to his research project at CRI, as well as his broader interests and work. 

Check out Felix’s work on education, shivers and physics of mind in the links below!

Conversation | Social determinism starts at school

Aeon | Psychogenic shivers: why we get the chills when we aren’t cold

Schoeller, F., Eskinazi, M. (2018) Psychology of aesthetic chills, Psychologie Française

Schoeller, F., Perlovsky, L., Arseniev, D. (2018) Physics of mind: Experimental confirmations of theoretical predictions, Physics of Life Reviews