A platform for collective citizen science

People involved: Roberto Toro

Keywordscitizen science, cognitive, learning, and neurodevelopmental disabilities, open health, open data, Coweb

Project Description

The limitations of traditional siloed research to respond to the challenges of our society seem evident today. For years, research has been conducted within the doors of individual laboratories, on small sample sizes, producing results based on closed data and methods that were rarely replicated. Despite the efforts of researchers, academic institutions and funding agencies to overcome these limitations, we still depend on the ability of very small number of researchers to mine the collective data and come up with solutions for our society’s problems. but the end of the day, instead of benefiting from the collective creativity,

At the CRI, I will animate a debate around the ideas and technologies necessary to facilitate the widest access of citizens to research. Our aim will be to imagine a way in which research can benefit from the collective creativity. I will coordinate the development of a platform to allow everyone with a Web browser to research their own questions, discuss them, collect data, formulate and test hypotheses. As a concrete instantiation of this idea, we will develop an open health platform that would allow persons affected by cognitive, learning and neurodevelopmental disabilities – patients, families, caregivers, educators, scientists – to better understand their own condition and try to find collectively the best strategies to help themselves.