Citizen science for evidence-based research in mathematics education in primary school

People involved: Ignacio Atal

Keywords: evidence-based education; citizen science; mathematics in primary school  

Project Description

Teachers, parents, school directors, teacher trainers, researchers in education, and decision makers all make outstanding efforts to improve the education of children. All of them, alongside with children have different ideas and opinions about the objective of education and how it should be delivered. It is urgent to break down the silos between these actors to push together their isolated efforts, and help them co-design innovative solutions fitting co-defined expectations and needs.

In this project, we will conduct open citizen-based research projects in education, with a particular focus on mathematics education in primary school. We will focus on the re-use of existing secondary data in order to inform the educational system about the effect of different settings or interventions using state-of-the-art methods developed in the context of evidence-based medicine research. The research questions will be co-defined, and the data will be co-identified, co-gathered, co-analyzed and co-reported by different stake-holders at different levels of the educational processes (national, school, teacher and student).

We expect to identify and answer specific questions to improve the education of mathematics in primary school based on data, and we hope this project will trigger the openness of educational datasets for citizen-based research.