Today, anyone can do research!

People involved: Joel Chevrier

Keywords: low cost, motion, education, sensors

Project Description

Hack your Smartphone yourself: use ubiquitous Low Cost High Tech to have your own Pocket Lab, to do experiments anywhere, to scientifically explore the world your own way and to share observation and knowledge. This is inline with CRI’s main role to promote new educational techniques and strategies to empower the students to take initiative and develop their own research projects.
“Doing research is…?”
– Exploring and trying here and now with others everywhere.
– A state of mind based on scientific method and critical mind.

Today, ubiquitous Low Cost High Tech enables anyone to do research anywhere as it:
– Embarks an ever-increasing number of micro-sensors.
– Connects to the world in real time
– Can be equipped with specific pedagogical user interfaces.

However it has not been made for that (far from). Our idea: transform it into great tools for “Doing research is…”

“Hack yourself Low Cost High Tech to do research“ is a project in gestation at the CRI Motion Lab. It is based on an alliance between science and design. Science brings objectivity, scientific method and critical thinking. Design brings out of real/virtual individual/collective interactive interfaces, devices, situations and scenarios. Anybody is offered the benefice of technologically enhanced individual intuition and perception to enter objective and shareable knowledge through research projects. The CRI energizes this fruitful but difficult dialogue: it emphasizes empathy in design and promotes science through research as a tremendously powerful vehicle for anyone to enter, to learn in and to build the world coming.

The project will run with the Motion Lab to explore:
tools, interfaces, situations and scenarios, which can trigger heterogeneous nucleation and even be viral in various contexts: first education but also health, sports, crafts and arts…
A CRI lab model based on mentors and students working together.
Intense links with Les Savanturiers to enter class projects: association of students and teachers to “Hack yourself Low Cost High Tech to do research”.
Collaborations with high-level actors in design, computer sciences, machine learning, audio-video representation… Paris: IRCAM, ENSCI, Gaité Lyrique; Shenzhen: OpenFIESTA and Shenzhen startup environment (SEEED…); Rest of the world: now insufficient more needed.
An open platform, a place where people and information gather to do and flow through: projects, workshops, conferences, lectures, ideas…

Find our more more discussion about movement and AI from Joel’s recent article in The Conversation:  “How artificial intelligence will transform how we gesture”