In vivo real-time probing of RNA structure by RNA-based synthetic sensors

People involved:
Haotian Guo
Ariel Lindner

Keywords: RNA structures and interactions, synthetic biology, systems biology

Project description

RNAs not only convey genetic information but also regulate biological functions and behaviors. The regulatory function of many RNAs rely on the dynamics of structures and interactions. Efforts were made for structure prediction and design, but with unsatisfactory accuracies and limits. Though chemical probes can capture the in vitro/vivo structure of RNA of interests, observing real-time structure inside the alive cell is impossible because of RNA extraction.

In the project, we will develop a new approach, using RNA-based sensors, instead of chemicals, to probe real-time RNA structures in vivo. Besides, we anticipate the designing of new RNA switches would give new principles for synthetic biology application, and the results of RNA structures would provide further insights into RNA folding, and post-transcriptional regulatory network.
Publication and deliverables

Atanaskovic, I., Bencherif, A.C., Deyell, M., Jaramillo-Riveri, S., Benony, M., Bernheim, A.G., Libis, V.K., Koutsoubelis, N., Zegman, Y., Löchner, A.C. and Basier, C., 2014. In Situ characterization of mycobacterial growth inhibition by Lytic Enzymes expressed in Vectorized E. coli. ACS synthetic biology, 3(12), pp.932-934. (pdf)

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