valerie march
Student - Master AIRE Life Track
Synthetic Biology enthusiast interested in developing and improving novel tools to combat disease.
Valerie's Bio

Valerie March is a second year student in the AIRE Master Student Life Sciences Track. She is currently an intern in the SynFly Lab at the CRI, working on a project to push the limits of genome engineering in drosophila using CRISPR/Cas9.

Before the CRI, she started her tertiary education journey at the University of Cape Town in the department of Molecular and Cell Biology. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree double majoring in Biochemistry and Genetics, and thereafter her BSc. Honours in Molecular and Cell Biology.

Apart from her scientific activities, Valerie is the co-founder of the CRI-Bioenterprise club, which aims to connect students to the entrepreneurial world. Valerie is a member of the steering committee for the CRI 2020 iGEM team.

In her down time Valerie enjoys reading, painting, and testing out vegan recipes (when not getting lost, exploring the streets of Paris).

We push the limits of CRISPR genome engineering in the fruit fly