murillo pagnotta
murillo's Bio

I studied for both a BSc and a Lic degree in biology (University of São Paulo, Brazil), then worked as a secondary school teacher in Brazil for five years. I also wrote and edited many chapters of educational materials and wrote a short book about biological evolution aimed at this age group. I stopped teaching to obtain a MSc degree in experimental psychology (University of São Paulo, Brazil) and then moved to Scotland to conduct research for my PhD in the topic of social learning supervised by Prof Kevin Laland (University of St Andrews, UK).

In my PhD I combined eye-tracking, recurrence quantification analysis, and Bayesian modelling, to examine the dynamics of visual attention and its role in specific cases of social learning. I also conducted an interdisciplinary theoretical investigation – exploring ideas from biology, psychology, social anthropology, and philosophy – to examine the notion of ‘information’ and its role in ontogeny, behaviour, and learning.

Over the years I became increasingly interested in studying how the mind works and especially in the burgeoning fields of ecological psychology and the enactive approach. Consistently with this theoretical orientation, I espouse a view of educational practices, not in terms of teachers ‘transmitting information’ to students, but rather in terms of teachers and students engaging in relational processes of skill development.

I joined the CRI as a postdoc researcher in September 2020, where I am working in the project led by Dr Ignacio Atal, which is aimed at improving educational practices by engaging directly with teachers using insights and methodologies from evidence-based practice.

Collectif "Profs-Chercheurs"
Recherche collaborative ouverte face aux défis de l'éducation
Collaboration in the 'Profs-Chercheurs' collective
The main goal is to asses the collaboration among the participants of the 'Profs-Chercheurs' collective
Collaborative production of research in education between teachers and researchers or decision makers : a systematic review
Reporting the nature of the implication in teachers' production of research in education
The 'Teachers-Researchers' community (Collectif 'Profs-Chercheurs')
Goal: to report the Teachers-Researchers methodology and the results from 2020-2021
The 'Teachers-Researchers' community (Collectif 'Profs-Chercheurs') : assessing the impact on the professional development of teachers and other educators
Goal: to assess the impact of the 'Teachers-Researchers' methodology on a cohort of teachers and other educators.