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Biomarkers of social interactions
Mapping the link between hormones, stress and social networks.
iGEM TIES (Team IntEraction Study): mapping social interaction networks of iGEM scientific teams
In this project, we study the collaboration patterns of iGEM teams underlying their performance and learning using data-driven social network analyses
HOME SDG Summer School in Kigali
Sharing novel pedagogical tools for learning
Open AMR Awareness Drive
We raise awareness on antimicrobial resistance through games, videos, events, ...
A quantitative study of interdisciplinarity and team performance in the iGEM competition
Quantifying how background and skills diversity affect team performance in iGEM teams
Spring School
A 2-week program that aims to use SDG-based approach to tackle local challenges. The program will take place in the School of Creative Learning (Patna, Bihar) from the 18th till the 29th of December.