clara lehenaff
Game Designer, Writer and Computer Science teacher. Future Gynecologist and Endocrinology Researcher.
clara's Bio


I worked as a Game Designer, then Lead Game Designer, then Creative Director in the indie video game industry, working on artsy and serious gaming-oriented projects. Writer and Poet for years, I'm also a Computer Science teacher since 2016 - I taught at Paris I La Sorbonne for a few years, then to younger students. I've recently began teaching for Becomtech, a parisian association whose purpose is to teach computer science and technology to adolescent girls coming from poor or modest backgrounds.


I'm not that much of an outdoor person, though I travelled a lot and used to practice different kind of sports. Video Games, Poetry, Netflix and Mangas are my daily personnal routine. But well, who knows what kind of person I'll be tomorrow ? I'm constantly evolving - and I think it's pretty great.


On a side note, I'm also a feminist and LGBT+ activist ; most of my professional choices were linked to that personnal / political field of interest.

Neo-Vagina Microbiome
Improving trans-related health research