renaud bastien
short-term fellow
I a a physicist interested in the relation between perception and movements.
renaud's Bio

My career began with the study of plant movements and their relation to environmental factors. Despite being seen as static and inert, plants display a large variety of movements to regulate their shape in a fluctuating environment. I developed a simple geometric framework that has been critical in the identification of local proprioception as a core feature of plants posture regulation, plants can perceive and modify their own shape.

Pursuing these studies on movements and perception, I realized that my tools could help to relate perception to the emergence of 3-dimensional collective movements in animals. Indeed, to organize collectively, each individual needs to perceive his neighbor and to move accordingly. Using collective virtual reality with humans and animals, I developped simple experiments.

My goal is now to understand our relation to objects and the transition towards social interaction in abstract context. At the CRI, I am developping an open platform for collective virtual reality of people so that anybody could develop and think in this virtual space.

Currently, my interests for science and art are merging. Ì am spending some time designing machines that can see and draw.

An Open Framework for the Study and Creation of Collective Virtual Reality Experience
Development and democratization of an open framework collective VR space.