alex brandon-bravo
Research engineer
Research engineer developing machine learning methods for model discovery in materials science with experience in optoelectronics and practical physical analytical methods.
Alex's Bio

In the spotlight...

Alex recently graduated with a masters qualification from the University of Bath after studying Natural Sciences with a focus on physics. Previously he has worked on centroiding algorithms for use in images generated by CCDs at the Open University, testing of radiation hard optoelectronic communication modules at CERN, and he completed his masters project analysing the mechanical properties and atomic structure of glasses under Professor Philip Salmon. His current interests focus on projects that are highly collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature. He has a particular interest in open science practises, education, and the meta-discussion of how science is conducted. Currently he is working in the PhIMaL research group under Dr Remy Kusters, developing an application for the neural networks based analysis method called DeepMoD and applying it to characterising viscoelastic materials. As a result, he has experience in coding in Python, Igor Pro and MATLAB, and has developed basic laboratory experience in laboratories focussing on the physical and life sciences.

Out of the spotlight...

Alex recently moved to Paris and has been enjoying both the job at the CRI and discovering what it is like to live in this new city. He enjoys good food, good conversation and good tea and may often be found listening to podcasts with a slightly worryingly obsessive habituality while cooking (also enjoyed), cleaning (less enjoyed) or even brushing his teeth (...enjoyed?). He takes a very serious interest in films, books and in particular, video games and, if the amount of time he spends doing it is any indication, doing battle with various administrative adversaries.

Deep learning model discovery for viscoelastic materials
To use training of neural networks to discover the differential equations governing the stress and strain responses of uncharacterised viscoelastic materials.