matthieu cisel
affiliate Faculty, CY Tech
Matthieu's Bio

Hi, I am Matthieu, I have a background in Data Science in the fields of Ecological Modeling and Education Data Mining. I did my Master in ecological modeling but quickly shifted to education. During my PhD at ENS Paris-Saclay, I worked on the topics of disengagement in MOOCs through the lens of learning analytics. As a post-doctoral fellow in Université Paris-Descartes, I specialised in the field of learning environment design. I now teach in the Bachelor in Data Science in Cergy Paris University. I am in charge of various classes ranging from statistics to machine learning and do my research in the field of Learning Analytics, mostly. Although I am based in Cergy Paris Université, working at Institut des Humanités Numériques, I work along with CRI researchers on learning analytics from various learning environments.

Here is the link to my webpage :

Some relevant publications: 

Wintermute, E. H., Cisel, M., & Lindner, A. B. (2021). A survival model for course-course interactions in a Massive Open Online Course platform. PLOS ONE, 16(1), e0245718.

Cisel, M. (2019). The Structure of the MOOC Ecosystem as Revealed by Course Aggregators. American Journal of Distance Education, 33(3), 212‑227.

Cisel, M. T. (2018). Interactions in MOOCs : The Hidden Part of the Iceberg. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 19(5).

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