mostafa mahdy
research engineer
Young biologist who is always interested in: Synthetic Biology, OpenScience, Learning in general, Interdisciplinarity, helping and guiding, & details :D Look forward to increase these qualifications to contribute with scientists and in projects that are capable of bridging the gaps in the inter- & intra-science communities!
mostafa's Bio

Professional BIO

CURRENTLY in Paris, I am working as a Research Engineer in the House of Transgenes team at the CRI under the supervision of one of the coolest scientists in Synthetic Biology Dr. Jake WINTERMUTE. I am currently supporting projects to accelerate Drug Discovery against Tuberculosis as well as studying the killing effect of Blue Light on different resistant bacterial cells. As well as guiding the undergraduate students in the lab under his supervision.

In 2020, I had my master 2 in France in Systems & Synthetic Biology at Evry Val d’Essonne/Paris-Saclay University, with a project title of “Validation/optimization of cell-free biosensors for monitoring enzymatic bioproduction of Sinapoyl malate” at Institut Micalis with BioRetroSynthesis (BRS) team headed by Prof. Jean-Loup FAULON. I learned a lot in the aspect of Metabolic Engineering and contributed in some computational testing works for the launch of the new tool developed by the team, Galaxy-SynBioCAD.

In 2017, I was an intern in the Cancer Biology Department at National Cancer Institute (NCI) of Egypt during the graduation project required for my bachelor’s degree. I have got my B.Sc. with “Excellent Grades with Honors” from Biotechnology/Biomolecular Chemistry Program, Cairo University. Afterwards, I joined their team in the Molecular Biochemistry unit, headed by Prof. Abdelhady A. Abdel-Wahab. My role within that period was to validate six selected miRNAs, previously investigated in HCC Egyptian non-responder patients to the TACE/Dox treatment, for being potential diagnostic biomarkers for EMT. I also had the experience of mentoring younger students during their graduation project for the academic year 2019, other than other students in summer trainings.

Personality & Interests:

Very mixed and mutable character! Always loving to learn new things, thus, having many interests!

  • I adore soccer, but I enjoy doing any sports that I always go for these activities when it comes to doing things extracurricularly!
  • Music is a powerful way to enjoy my life. Perhaps I was known in the CRI lab with my headphones :D .. As a hobby, I love to play Piano (beginner not pianist)!
  • I like arts in general, not knowing much, but I enjoy doing and seeing it, I like to draw when I was young!

.. Perfectionism is an ache for me, for its pros is that you will never bypass my overthinking capabilities :'D for its cons, you may re-read the first phrase!