ahmed mahmoud
Hey there! I am Ahmed an Egyptian student. Usually, I describe myself as a dual nature formation splitted between Arts and Science, I make art during my spare time as a source of power regeneration and escapism and I am happily indulged into Molecular Biology as a contributive tool to the society and the message I ought to deliver!
ahmed's Bio

I was graduated from Faculty of Science/Biotechnology Department back in Egypt and during this I have been into several short internships and finally after graduation I voluntarily worked at Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit at National Cancer Institute. After this I travelled to Grenoble for my M1 studies at University Grenoble Alpes in Molecular Biology and then here I am in this beautiful CRI environment for my M2.

mmmm not too much to say :"D but yeah I take some photographs and videos. I write scripts and stories as well in Arabic. I did some wall painting in Egypt and willing to do one here in Paris as well and yeah that is it :"D