rodrigo machado riveira
Student - Master AIRE Life Track
Human male, fully grown (a bit too much). Loud and playful but does not bite. Already trained to do many tricks. Would love to learn even more tricks and do a PhD. May fall asleep if presented with a soft horizontal surface.
Rodrigo's Bio

Professional Development:

Biotechnology engineer with specialization in molecular biology from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores Monterrey campus Querétaro. Teamwork oriented with strong communication skills. I helped develop the content of the CancerQuest project of the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University where I did my first international internship. I have experience in several molecular biology techniques and with human, mice and plant tissue cultures and, of course, E.coli. Good experience at organizing and working with multidisciplinary teams from different countries and scientific backgrounds. I helped develop and lead several iGEM teams and forseeing the future I also created a student association to foster the development of the teams when I was gone. I am a small business manager and have some formal education in management and economics from the EPFL, and, more recently, I performed as college mathematics instructor at the Arkansas State University campus Querétaro. I'm currently doing my M2 AIRE Life Sciences Master internship at CRI in Jake Wintermute's lab searching for new antibiotic candidates for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. What a twist!

Professional Interests:

  • Synthetic biology
  • Systems biology
  • Cellular circuitry and programming
  • Neural Networks & Machine Learning *
  • Evolution
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Complex Behaviors
  • Economics
  • Environmental restoration & Sustainable development

*After I learn more programming

About me:

I was born in a small town where my parents have a book store and where we could bike to school but never did because we thought it was too cold; I realize now it was never really too cold (nor hot) and that in fact weather is really nice there. In the garden you could find blue bellied lizards (I suspect Sceloporus occidentalis), along with tiny frogs and larger spiders, colorfull grasshoppers, praying mantises and maybe a snake. Not anymore. It breaks my heart. Life was great, too bad there were not many options to do science, so away I went (sorry mom and dad! You shouldn't have gifted me that yellow book about dinosaurs, I love you!).

I have lived (defined as having paid rent) in the US, México, Italy, Switzerland and France. I studied biotechnology engineering because I like nature and it seemed to provide a good mix of background in diverse sciences due to the multidisciplinarity it requires, which would allow for a greater degree of exploration and diversification than a more focused science major such as chemistry or biology. Outside biology, I'm curious about math, languages and history. I like reading books, I hate reading on a screen. I like the small joy of going to sleep withot a worry although modern life expectations makes it hard. I like Starwars, dinosaurs and Warhammer 40k. I obviously like food, and a very cold Coca Cola Zero. I like running and swimming and I'm a somewhat good miniature painter.

Multicultural Club
CRI has a high degree of diversity that encompasses not only multiple nationalities but also different languages and cultures, all into one common space.