paulina ejsmont
WetLab Manager
I am a research engineer and the manager of CRI Wet Lab.
Paulina's Bio

I graduated in biotechnology from the University of Wroclaw and then moved to Dresden to obtain PhD at TU-Dresden in the group of Hans Schnittler. Upon a short stay at De Duve institute, I did a FP7 Marie-Curie fellowship at the VIB/KU-Leuven, where I worked with Wim Anneart on the cell biology of Alzheimer's disease and superresolution microscopy. I have moved to Paris as a research engineer at the ICM and then I joined CRI to build and manage the synthetic biology lab. I ensure its smooth functioning regarding the equipment, reagents and technical support. I also collaborate with the pedagogical teams of bachelor FdV and master AIRE to organize the practical laboratory classes for the students. Besides the supportive role, I enjoy working with other scientist on the experimental projects, especially those concerning microscopy and microfluidics.

COVID-19 Response Initiative
Development of strategies to reduce the risk COVID-19 transmission at CRI