SEED - Systems Engineering and Evolution Dynamics

The Lindner team’s main efforts rely on years of investment in building an intellectual and experimental framework based on interdisciplinary approaches, harnessing physics and computer science and on welcoming young researchers to address key questions in Life Sciences with Systems and Synthetic Biology approaches, mainly focusing on Escherichia coli as the simplest (yet still not fully understood) model organism. Focal projects include study of phenotypic variability, ageing, evolution of cooperation, probing RNA structure in vivo and RNA scaffolding.

We also develop open and citizen science projects extended from antimicrobial drug discovery and democratizing DNA detection to supporting Open Collaborative Efforts for Autism spectrum Network (OCEAN).

The team is at the core of building the CRI Collaboratory research effort and contributes to developing the CRI undergraduate and graduate programs as well as outreach learning through research programs across the globe. For the past 13 years, the team mentored the Paris Bettencourt iGEM team.

ariel lindner
Co-Founder & Research Director
juliette bellengier
Student - FDV Bachelor
kseniia konishcheva
FIRE PhD student
Team's projects